Izabela Rostkowska


I am a painter, born in Warsaw, Poland and graduated at Academy of Fine Arts, known as “La Esmeralda” in Mexico City in 1991, where I live and work.

Definitely what matters most in my work is color and texture. I love high contrasts, soft shades as well as  monochromatic atmosphere, depending on the mediums I use, which influence my choices. I love to paint women the best, their moods and expressions, but also our surroundings, places we live, interiors full of magical colors and shades. I used to work with acrylics mainly, but now I also integrate pure pigments, mixed media and lately I am experimenting with new media, enhancing the feeling I wish to convey.


Modigliani, Willem de Kooning, Egon Schielle, Matisse, Jean-Michele Basquiat


2000-2003 Graphic Design Cuernavaca, Mexico
1986-1991 Academy of Fine Arts Mexico City, Mexico
Izabela Rostkowska

The artist at work

Collective Expositions

2019 Un Estudio Propio Galería Rejas Chapultepec, Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico

2019 Resonancia en Accion Museo de la Mujer ciudad de Mexico, Mexico

2018 Centro Cultural José Marti Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico

2007 Mountain Shadow Galley Tucson, Arizona, United States

Permanent Collections

2016 Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Alfredo Zalce Michoacan, Mexico

2015 Archivo Histórico Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico

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